There are definitely trends every year in the wedding flower world, but we always find that the colour schemes, styles and themes that our couples choose varies hugely. Many brides and grooms have always known what they want, regardless of any trends, and others want to be different and avoid popular trends. It’s always interesting though to see what the industry is predicting for the year. Here are some of the top trends for 2018.

Meadow flowers 
Particularly suited to a spring or summer wedding, a wild meadow flower theme offers a more natural approach to your wedding flowers. It gives a relaxed feel and we are often asked to provide bouquets with a ‘just been picked from a meadow’ look!

Purples and mauves 
These colours and variations of them are proving very popular. You don’t have to go all out purple, small elements or ‘pops’ of the shades can be just as effective when mixed with other colours.

The foliage-only trend is still popular and the variety of foliage is huge! You don’t have to stick to traditional dark green, there are lots of gorgeous green/ grey types of eucalyptus, lovely grey foliages such as senecio in winter and fresh fragrances with herbs like rosemary, mint and lemon thyme.

Pretty pastels – these aren’t going away and remain
A favourite colour scheme among feminine brides. They are the epitome of romance, but couples are predicted to be more daring with their choices and add ‘pops’ of colour to their bouquets.

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