Choosing your flowers can sometimes just add to the stress!  Here are a few tips to help the decision-making process and guide you towards your dream wedding flowers.

Above everything else, make sure you choose flowers that you feel comfortable with. Your flowers should play a big part in your day and will feature in many of your photographs so it is important that you choose something that you like!

Choose your dresses (bride’s and bridesmaids’) before seriously discussing flowers with a florist.  The dresses will usually provide a starting point for choosing the colour scheme and will also help determine the styles of bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids.

How can the style of your wedding bouquet complement your dress?  For example, if you are tall and slender with a slim-fitting dress, don’t have a huge bouquet that will hide you and the detail on your dress. Also, large bouquets can be heavy and you’ll have to hold it for quite some time when posing for pictures. Your florist should be able to advise on styles and sizes.

It is traditional for the groom to have a buttonhole made from a flower from his bride’s bouquet but it is often nice to make his a little different from the other groomsmen by adding more foliage or a touch of other bridal flowers . There are no hard rules about who wears a buttonhole but they would usually be supplied for the groom, best man, ushers and dads/granddads.

We always recommend that the venue is booked before you talk to a florist as it will lend itself to certain styles. For example, a rustic barn may suit more informal arrangements such as large vases of country flowers or jam jars but an elegant manor house with high ceilings may call for silver candelabras or tall stylish flute vases with cascades of luxurious orchids.

For your guest table flowers, it is a good idea to have something low (e.g. fish bowls or glass cubes) so that guests can see over the arrangements or something tall enough for guests to see round or through. You don’t want guests fighting to see each other through the flowers!

Try to get as much use as you can from your flowers. For example, can you use any of the church/civil ceremony room flowers in your reception room/venue too? Your florist will move flower arrangements for you but they will charge for their time. Could be a job for the ushers!

Do you want to give away any of your venue flowers as presents? This is tricky with some designs. For example, if you hire candelabra and flowers are attached to the arms, they will be difficult to give away but an arrangement sitting inside a martini vase can easily be lifted out.

Many flowers are now available all year round with the exception of some spring and summer flowers (e.g. tulips, peonies). However, prices of flowers will change depending on the time of year so ask your florist how this will affect the prices.

If you are having your wedding around Christmas, red and ivory/white flowers will be more expensive than usual. Red flowers will be expensive around Valentine’s Day and all flowers will be expensive around Mother’s Day! Just something to bear in mind.

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